May this year be THE year.

Dear friend,

You are beautiful and wonderful and perfect in every way. May this coming year be the year you finally accept yourself for all the awesomeness that you are. May this year be the year you finally love your love-handles and your frizzy hair and the way you cry at nothing at all just because you effing feel like crying. May this year be the year you stand up for yourself with grace and humility. May you learn that being at peace is worth more than being right. May you forgive the assholes in your life. May you stop being an asshole to some people and show compassion to all you meet. May this year be the year you let someone go ahead of you in a long line at the store, let someone cut in front of you in traffic, give a homeless person a few bucks even if you suspect they are going to buy booze. (Because they might not buy booze and because sometimes we all need a little drink.) May you give the human race the benefit of the doubt. May you feel terrified… of signing up for that new class, that new gym, that new car, that new prayer session, but you do it anyway. May you fall asleep with gratitude in your heart every night and wake up with fire in your soul every day. May this year be the year you slow down and smell the roses. May you buy someone else roses just so they can slow down and smell them. May this year be the year you make time to go on a date with your lover. May you make time to spend alone. May you make time for your friends and your family. May this year be the year you drink one less martini and one more glass of water. May you celebrate the baby steps you take. May you learn to plop down and pray when in turmoil instead of venting on social media. May this year be the year that you finally embrace the fact that you were put here, on this earth, to fulfill a great and powerful destiny. May you remember that you are guided and you are loved and you are being taken care of. May you know that your hurt is a lesson too. Feel it. Embrace it. And do not, my friends, DO NOT, linger there in that hurt. For you will turn bitter and cold and you are not a bitter cold person my friend! May you not only know that you are creative, smart, beautiful and powerful. But may you fully embrace it and use it to live the life of your dreams. May this year be the year you say goodbye to what no longer serves you and hello to the blessings waiting for you. In this year, let yourself rest assured that this, is…YOUR mutha effing year.

May this year be the year you actively participate in changing our world for the better.

Forgive yourself, you are human.

Love yourself, you are beautiful.

Trust yourself, you know what’s up.

May you hang on tight when it’s time and may you let go freely when it’s time. May you work hard. May you play often. May you love deeply. May you laugh.

And most of all friends, may you remember how far you have come. You are exactly where God needs you to be in this moment. Deep Breath….You look fabulous…step in to the New Year….

You can do anything.

I believe in you.

You are greatly loved.


Veronica Towns