Jan, cut the crap (Part Two: Just get started)

Hello friend,

Welcome back!

I hope all is well and if it isn't, it will be, I promise!

...I went back to bed and woke up with fire in my soul...knowing what my purpose in life is...

I was born to write. And all I want to do is write and launch my blog.

However, I literally cannot sit down to write unless the house is clean.

So first I must...

Wash the dishes, vacuum for the third time this week, have a short pity party, go for a run, play ten rounds of Ruzzle, watch 20 cute cat videos on YouTube, read about the white lady wanting to be black, the white man transitioning to a woman and the guy with the combover running for President.

I have to upload pictures to Facebook so everyone can fully understand how cute my dogs are and how beautiful the clouds look.

I must erase all my ideas on my dry erase board and re-write them in pink. Because purple is so yesterday.

I must google Ruby Rose to see what the big deal is...(Ooh, will she be back next season?)

I must light the candles (Apple Cinnamon Crisp or Fresh Cotton Laundry?) Speaking of laundry, I have to do the laundry.

Have another short pity party.

I need to rescue two dogs that are in need of help (poor babies.)

Get in touch with my website guy (“I hope I am not bothering you...”)

Take the polish off my toe nails.

Text my husband for the second time letting him know I miss and love him.

I need to check Facebook. (Did anyone “like” my dog photos?)

Check Pinterest, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Instagram.

What is Kim Kardashian naming her next child? (On the edge of my seat.)

I need time to sit and worry and time to panic and time to bring myself back down to my center.

AND THEN I need to meditate, radiate and look up words that rhyme with meditate.

I need to do some yoga and prep my meals for the week.

I need to respond to text messages and watch a little bit of TV and read a little bit of Mindy Kaling. (Ooooh, I LOVE Mindy Kaling.)

I need to pluck my eyebrows, shave my legs and wax my mustache. (Don't tell a soul.)

I need to focus on the jealousy I feel towards Lena Dunham and Tara Bliss and my own life coach.

I need to let go of the jealousy.

I need to pee.

Now I have no time to write.

Where does the time go?

And then I stay awake at night feeling pressured as if my life is passing me by.

A few things are happening here that I think may happen to many of us.

I am filling my day with superficial bullshit to fill up some sort of fear that is lingering in my heart. I am allowing fear to creep in and trick me into wasting my time.  Because if I actually get started on my dreams then my dreams might just become real. And if my dreams become real then I could fail. And if I fail then I won’t even have my dreams anymore and I won’t be able to cling to my hope that somehow, someday, my life will be different, greater, better.

But, what if...what if I don’t fail.

Another thing that keeps us stagnant...

I hear a lot of people say “Well, if God really wanted this for me He would bless me with it."

But God has already blessed you...with creativity and smarts and health and big dreams and courage and resources and Him.  And He wants you to take all that He has already blessed you with and take action towards your dreams so that you can live your best life, fulfill your destiny and let your light shine so brightly that you can be a blessing to others.

Maybe, we feel so daunted by all we have to do, so not tech-savvy, so clueless, that we just procrastinate.

Good news friends! There is a magical cure to all of this!


Take a deep breath.
Make a list.
Start telling everyone you know what you need help with. You will be amazed at the people who are more than willing to help you for free.
Pray some more.

In the comedy, The Brady Bunch Movie, the character of middle child Jan is constantly in the shadow of her older, smarter and more beautiful sister, Marcia. Throughout the movie, voices in Jan’s head keep telling her how much she sucks. Obviously this keeps Jan from getting any good shit done in her life. Like brushing her hair 100 times on each side or helping Alice prepare a delicious meal with fresh beef from Sam the butcher. (If you are not a Brady Bunch fan, I most certainly lost you here, but stick with me anyway.)
At the end of the movie the Grandma character (played by Florence Henderson) is leaving the Brady’s house and notices Jan is distracted (by the voices in her head.)  

Grandma looks to Jan and sternly says, “Jan, cut the crap."
And the voices go away and Jan can carry on with her day.

When I start to get my priorities mixed up, when the voice of fear is so loud and demanding in my head, I gently tell myself, “Vern, cut the crap."

So I lovingly say to you...

Friend, cut the crap.

Just get started.
You can do this.
The world needs what only YOU can provide.


You can do anything.
I believe in you.
You are greatly loved.


Veronica Towns